#1 - How Long Have You Been Licensed & Active?

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10 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Sales Representative

The smartest home buyers and home sellers prepare themselves during the real estate sales representative selection process.

Keep in mind, during this selection process, as you are interviewing sales representatives, they are interviewing you as well. They need to ensure if you are serious in your endeavor of buying or selling. Do not be alarmed. Good sales representatives are always judicious in client selection.

So what exactly should smart consumers be asking sales representatives?

This is precisely what we unveil throughout our article series "10 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Sales Representative." Let's begin with your 1st question:

#1 - "How Long Have You Been Licensed & Active?"

What you are seeking here is the sales representative's level of training and experience. Newly licensed sales representatives can still be valuable, but you won't know why or how without starting the dialogue. Take your time, build a rapport and learn if the sales representative is the right fit for your needs. The benefit of newly licensed sales representatives include being up-to-date with new training practices and technology, as well as having genuine enthusiasm and sufficient time to dedicate to you. Experienced sales representatives definitely bring more practical experience and knowledge to the table and will be able to guide you through the complexities of the buying and selling process. Wisdom tends to travel with experience. But in the real estate industry, training must always be updated. Keep these details in mind.

Overall, learn about the sales representative, including their location experience, marketing experience and negotiation experience. In the end, you want your real estate transaction to be memorable, hassle-free, and to achieve the best purchase or sale price. It starts with asking the right questions.

Follow us tomorrow as we continue to hammer away at questions smart consumers should be asking, in our popular article series "10 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Sales Representative."

By Rick Daredia, Contributing Author for Intercity Realty

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