#9 - Which Neighborhoods Do You Primarily Serve?

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10 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Sales Representative

The smartest home buyers and home sellers prepare themselves during the real estate sales representative selection process. Last week we focused on:

#8 - "How Will You Market My Home?”

Keep in mind, during this selection process, as you are interviewing sales representatives, they are interviewing you as well. They need to ensure if you are serious in your endeavor of buying or selling. Do not be alarmed. Good sales representatives are always judicious in client selection.

So what exactly should smart consumers be asking sales representatives?

This is precisely what we unveil throughout our article series "10 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Sales Representative." Let's continue with your 9th question:

#9 - "Which Neighborhoods Do You Primarily Serve?"

In this article, we will disclose a very important question which home buyers and home sellers must ask their sales representative – “Which neighborhoods do you primarily serve?”

If you’re planning on buying or selling a home soon, here’s your chance to find a real estate representative who is destined to make you a satisfied customer!

For home sellers, what you’re probing for is whether the agent is familiar with your home's neighborhood. For home buyers, you’ll want to learn if the agent is familiar with your geographical market interests or neighborhoods-of-choice.

By familiar, we mean if the representative has personal experience selling homes in the area. The more recently that homes were sold, the better. If the representative has sold many homes in the area, it could indicate there’s been positive word-of-mouth in the area for your representative.  

Importantly for home buyers, the more experience the representative has with these neighborhoods, the greater the chance the representative will have solid market data pertaining to those neighborhoods, understand each neighborhood’s landscape and be aware of certain advantages for you. As well, the representative's experience may also breed awareness of possible drawbacks, knowledge of surrounding amenities (such as nearby schools, public transportation, grocery stores, entertainment venues, etc.) and insight on if the area is growing, declining or steady.

Importantly for home sellers, this means your representative can effectively market, educate and sell to prospects.

These representatives, with experiential neighborhood expertise, will generally be better connected to the neighborhood's local community, and therefore, have access to a wider network of potential buyers and sellers, inspectors, lenders, and more.

In the end, you want your real estate transaction to be memorable, hassle-free, and to achieve the best purchase or sale price. It always starts with asking the right questions.

Follow us tomorrow as we continue to hammer away at questions smart consumers should be asking, in our popular article series "10 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Sales Representative."

By Rick Daredia, Contributing Author for Intercity Realty

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