#10 - What Separates You From The Competition?

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10 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Sales Representative

The smartest home buyers and home sellers prepare themselves during the real estate sales representative selection process. Last week we focused on:

#9 - Which Neighborhoods Do You Primarily Serve?

Keep in mind, during this selection process, as you are interviewing sales representatives, they are interviewing you as well. They need to ensure if you are serious in your endeavor of buying or selling. Do not be alarmed. Good sales representatives are always judicious in client selection.

So what exactly should smart consumers be asking sales representatives?

This is precisely what we unveil throughout our article series "10 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Sales Representative." Let's continue with your 10th question:

#10 - "What Separates You From The Competition?"

Good real estate representatives can be hard to find. Great ones, even harder.

To help you learn which representative is right for you, we want you to explore what separates them from their competition. The real estate market has been getting progressively competitive, with more representatives than ever out in the field, as today’s consumers buy and sell homes with more fervor and activity than ever before.

You essentially want to know why you should retain this representative and entrust them to fulfilling your real estate needs, whether it is to buy or sell a home.

What matters most to a buyer and seller can be different. For some consumers, excellent communication skills may trump sharp negotiating skills. Whereas, other consumers may prefer a track record of success over experience in the local market. Ultimately, all of these factors are important, but as individuals, consumers have a hierarchy of preferences.

Despite unique representative skill preference, there is a consensus among most consumers on what makes a real estate representative shine over their competition – kitchen heat. To put this into context, as the representative sits with you in suspense, answering your recipe of questions, grilled under bright, hot, metaphoric lights - they are weathering all the heat in your kitchen. It may be too hot for some representatives, perfectly cool to others, and some may find it energizing.

Consequently, a representative’s emotional fortitude and overall attitude to your questions may be the deciding factor. Instances of this strength in character include... representatives keeping their calm to your polite 3rd degree, their charming honesty to your questions despite knowing given answers may be unsatisfactory for you, or how they offer in-depth responses to your questions instead of serving you brief, cookie-cutter replies.

Asking your prospective real estate representative at least 10 questions (as illustrated in this article series for example), will provide you an overall guide as to whether the representative has sufficiently earned your time, your trust and foremost your respect to become a top candidate, and to ultimately move forward as your real estate representative.

In the end, you want your real estate transaction to be memorable, hassle-free, and to achieve the best purchase or sale price. It always starts with asking the right questions.

This concludes our article series "10 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Sales Representative." Follow us weekly to stay informed for continued insights into real estate. Our door remains open.

By Rick Daredia, Contributing Author for Intercity Realty

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