Intercity Realty - Where Opportunity Meets Integrity

Intercity Realty Inc., Brokerage is a full service independent real estate brokerage firm with two locations in Vaughan. We have been successfully conducting business for over 45 years and have garnered many long-term relationships of trust and integrity. We are versatile. Our company specializes in all types of real estate transactions: re-sale residential, commercial, new homes and condos and land acquisitions. We have marketed and sold real estate in every major market across Vaughan, the GTA and beyond.

Intercity is a hands-on firm made up of creative business minded real estate professionals. We analyze and source the best value for our clients, then skilfully guide negotiations, acquisitions and sales.

Intercity Realty has depth and top talent. The Intercity team of real estate professionals includes 150 sales representatives and a highly capable support staff. Intercity Realty has sold upwards of 15,000 units of Real Estates over the past 5 years. Excellent client service is the corner stone of our success.

We are Real Estate Specialists

Our management team, sales representatives and support staff are friendly, professional, knowledgeable and excellent communicators. A very important part of our business is customer relations. We pay attention to our clients. Whatever their respective real estate transaction is, we offer an honest and clear analysis of their needs. We know our business. Our market research and analysis is thorough, comprehensive and ongoing in the GTA and particularly in the Vaughan region. We operate with fairness and resolve and always strive to serve our clients well.

We have a Marketing Focus

Our firm is one of the only real estate companies with an in-house marketing department that brings major marketing and selling strengths to all of our clients. This department assists in producing the most efficient and effective marketing collateral using social media, print media, radio and billboard programs to drive property and project exposure, response and sales.

We are Community Builders

If there is one thing that sets us apart it is our experience in sales and marketing of large master planned communities and new condominium developments with reputable developers and new home purchasers. Lou Grossi, Broker and Sales Manager and Alda Neves Dubé, Director of Sales and Marketing lead Intercity’s team force and ensure all clients are receiving the highest level of service from builder to prospective purchaser. We are seasoned marketing professionals participating at the ground level of a project. The Intercity marketing team heads the research and comparative market analysis. Also, contributes in the project naming process, logo / brand design, product design, project positioning, media / event planning and market exposure.

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